Alpha "Antivirus"

I have obviously been infected with something called the Alpha Antivirus. It opens when I try to open websites in Firefox and poses as a Antivirus Program, which it is not. It tells me that my computer is ready to crash and wants to lead me on to pages where I can pay (of course) to have them removed by this wonderful Alpha Scan (Yeah, sure).

I have read about the Alpha Scanonline and the articles i have read do not really correspond to my experience of it. Mine has opened in Firefox twice and I, of course, always try to shut them down by ending all Firefox activities inthe Activity Manager. That does not help. it wants me to download a file too.

Does anyone know how to remove the Alpa Scan? i am now going to uninstall and reinstall Firefix at least, to see if that helps.

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There is a lot of information and help about this one here: