Allowing Visual Studio to execute apps

How can I set Defense+ to allow Visual Studio (devenv.exe) to run all applications? I’m happy if Comodo blocks web access for VS (don’t care for that), but running applications is what it does.

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Set devenv.exe as Trusted Application in D+

How do I do that? When the alert comes up, I only get the options to treat the application as “Installer or Updater”, “Windows System Application”, or “Isolated Application”.

Maybe this is first alert which requests about to allow/block explorer.exe to execute devenv.exe. Choose allow and place a tick remember…
Then on the second (or third?) alert of D+ there most likely will be option to treat devenv.exe as “Trusted Application”: choose this opt. and place a tick remember…

No, it’s devenv.exe executing applications (which is quite similar to explorer.exe running applications, I’d imagine; I think I chose “Windows System Application” to get rid of that). If I tell Comodo to remember the answer to a specific application, it won’t bug me again, but I need to do this for every application I run through Visual Studio.