Allowing Private Internet Access file RUBYW.exe through Comodo firewall

I have Private Internet Access VPN installed on my machine. Threre is a file called “RUBYW.exe” that appears in different “temp folders” each time it is started. Each time rubyw.exe is started comodo firewall popups an alert 2 times that rubyw.exe is trying to access internet. I have clicked allow and tell comodo to remember this file, since the file is appearing in different temp folders each time, it doesnt work. HIPS and SandBox are disabled.

Any way to work around this issue. How to let comodo allow this file to contact internet automatically each time?

Appreciate any help in this regard.

I believe this video will help you: Allow rubyw.exe in Comodo Firewall - YouTube

Summarized in text:
Go to the advanced firewall settings and then the applications rule, create a new application rule and add rubyw.exe, in the filepath change the randomly named folder to * so for example for me it’s C:\Users\Sanya\AppData\Local\Temp*\bin\rubyw.exe then add the rules for that application (I use web browser ruleset) and click OK.

Thanks…Let me try it and I would give you the outcome.

Many Thanks. It worked.