Allowing Plex Remote Access

Does anyone know how to allow Plex Remote Access to go through with the firewall on?

Just make an allow Incoming global rule for the port that are needed and then make the same rule for the application itself.

Thank you. I’m a novice at this and there are a lot of choices that I do not understand which to select for the Global Rules:

What protocol do you choose?
I’m assuming the direction is IN only?
Do you specify a source or destination address? A source or destination port?

Just to be clear you are running a plex media server on your computer and you want to allow other devices to access the server? If you are then you add a global rule that is configured as follows: Action= Allow, Protocol = TCP/UDP, Direction= In, Source Address= Any, Destination Address=Any, Source Port = Any, Destination Port = A single Port = the port number plex media server listens on (default 32400). Then make the same rule for the plex server application under application rules or you can just use the pre-defined ruleset “Allowed Application”.

That did it! Thanks!