allowing or not modifications to registry keys system certificates?

Hi Everybody,

Each time I try to join a forum (including Comodo forum), Def+ alerts me that IE8 is trying to modify some registry keys of system certificates\CA\certificates and system certificates\AuthRoot\certificates. The pop ups of Def+ relates to 3 to 15 registry keys following the forum I want to join.

Def+ is in parano mode.

Does anyone knows why IE8 should modify these keys and if I must allow it or not?

Thanks in andvance for your help

The less i use IE, the best i feel, so i can only report what happens in IE6:
you have in its options 2 items for the security rules of certificates: one in Advanced-Security, the other one in Security-(Zone):customize the level.

You might want to customize these items and observe the incidence on the behavior you are reporting.

Thanks Brucine

IE is set to check the certificates ans editors of the servers and sites I connect.

But the pop ups of Def+ tells me IE is trying to change the registry of MY user’s and softwares certificates. and I do’nt understand why. I never received these alerts before 2 or 3 weeks ago and they are triggered only when I connect to a forum or some shop.

So my question remains, is it safe to allow the demands. A precision, for some forums if I refuse, Def + keeps popping the same demands and I can’t connect.

If you cannot connect you have to allow, if you intend to use Paranoid mode you will have to use wildcards to stop repeat alters.





Thank you Dennis