Allowing connect for any program to certain IP-address (range of addresses)

Whether it is possible to create such rule which allows all programs will be connected to the specified IP-address (or to a range) without messages (Application Monitor should work)?

Such option is present at paid version Outpost Firewall, and in the free-of-charge version is absent

If you go to firewall/advanced/network security policy, you can add a rule for “all applications” by looking under select/file groups. If you make it the first rule, should do what you are looking for.

I cannot find settings in my version CFP 2.4 " firewall/advanced/network security policy ".
Are available only Firewall/Security/Advanced:

  • Application Behaviour Analysis
  • Advanced Attack Detection and Prevention
  • Miscellaneous

I have an application which is connected to certain IP. During job it starts other applications which work on the same IP. There is message Applications Monitor, and CPF asks to adjust a rule for the new application. The matter is that affiliated applications constantly vary. To create a rule for each affiliated application very much it is not convenient, especially if notifications are switched off.

Whether probably it to make in Comodo Firewall Pro 2.4?

If it is impossible to make in 2.4, whether it is possible in 3.x?

Sorry; gave you directions for v3-didn’t read that you were using 2.4. But recommend switching to 3.0 if you are using XP or Vista-that is where Comodo is putting their efforts in CIS. :slight_smile: