Allowing a connection allows any connections

When the firewall is set to ask about unknown connection and the floating windows appears I may want to allow this type of connection.
So I click on “Allow this type of connection”.
The firewall enables a new rule in which any type of connections are allowed for this programm.

Is there a way to allow at least a specific port (the best solution is to allow only specific address and port) at this point?

To achieve this, you really need to set up a few global rules. This is because global rules are the first thing checked for incoming packets and the last thing checked for outgoing packets.

Global rules are applied against IP addresses and port numbers (if specified) rather than being for a specific application.

The global rules you define need to be above any other rule that may block the same traffic.


Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen,

The problem is that I do not know what type of address and port this program might need.
And I need to allow only these types of connections and block all the others.

I want to find a quick way to set up such rules but it seems there is no such way

Try googling “[program x] ports and protocols” (where [program x] is the name of the app in question.

This will usually return the values you need.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Yes, Ewen
That’s a good solution.

But is does not solve the problem:
is there a way to control the autocreation of rules?

Should I post it in another thread, may be wishlist etc?

You need to change the alert frequency level to high to make more specific rules when answering the alerts.

that’s awesome!

Thanks a lot!

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