Allowing 2 types of attacks?

Hello all

I run a server using haxial KDX, and I used to have a problem back when I lastly used the firewall which was 2.4, and I have this problem with all firewalls except eset system security which has options to set which attacks to allow.

Now for some reason kdx generates 2 attacks false alarms all the time with all firewalls which ends up kicking my users after some time… Now these attacks are.

dns poisoning
tcp desyncronisation

Now I was wondering is there any way at all to allow these types of attack to go through in comodo firewall at all, or any plans to add the option to configure it …

Anyone got any ideas? I cannot keep wasting money on Eset system security that has a yearly license =(

Don’t know from your description, but take a look under network/advanced/attack detection settings. You may be able to set up the parameters for UDP flood and TCP flood to allow them.