Allow user to Save files when running inside the sandbox, Read nr 2

1. What actually happened or you saw:

User is not allowed to save downloaded files from web browser when running in sandbox.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:

When you run a web browser inside the sandbox and you download file to any location,
it will be redirected to the Comodo Shared space (and a ccav notification will popup that the downloaded file that you downloaded to your chosen folder was redirectd to Comod Shared space, go to CCAV menu to extract your file)

and if you want to save that downloaded file to the desktop you would have to go to the CCAV interface and click on(open) shared Space and drag that file from the CCAV interface “shared space window” to your desktop. (ofc any unknown would still be sandboxed if you would try to execute that file)

Edit: the downloads could be saved to the hidden BOXRoot folder(if comodo dont want to create a new hidden DownloadRoot folder) and when you try to download the file to: Destop, Program folder, Download folder or any else, the will will be redirected to BOXRoot, and user can only extract the file from CCAV ui Shared Space Menu.

3. Why you think it is desirable:

4. Any other information, screenshots etc:

See pic

I highly approve of this!

Sounds good.
Thanks BlueTesta for nice illustration as well :-TU

Yes … but with “lower Priority” … !!! :-TU :wink:

Thanks, Paint FTW ;D

perfectly adequate !!! :slight_smile:

Voted: Yes, Low Priority :-TU

Good option for advanced sandbox.

Hi Guys,
We want to improve this part and looking for some more feedback.

What do you think about following proposition:
When running browser in Sandbox and if it drops a file of specific extension type (.exe / .doc / .pdf). Assume configurable extension list some where, user is shown alert as shown in: Alert.png. This dialog will be shown once per sandboxed application. i.e. if say you run Chrome in sandbox and it drops X files, alert is shown just once.

When user presses “Review dropped files”, it close the alert and opens up dialog as shown in enclosed pic: InSandboxFiles.png

InSandboxFiles.png allows you to select one or more files and Re-store to actual location they were dropped. Also if user wants, he can select “Move to specific folder” option and select folder of his choice. This interface will only list Unknown or Safe files.

InSandboxRunningApps.png shows new button “Review Dropped Files”, that will show interface as shown in InSandboxFiles.png

Please let us know your thoughts.


once the assigned location is selected click apply to confirm.

I intentionally kept it atomic and didn’t have Apply.

e.g. once you select new location and use Restore, what will happen?

Re-store to original location or newly selected folder?

So idea was more, if you select Restore or select new location, entry is gone from listing.

Although we can show summary when you Close the dialog, like we show when you Purge.

What do you think?

i prefer this way.

1, chose your desired location by pressing on Move to specific folder/location
2, your desired location will show on Assigned Location
3, press apply to apply your desired action
4, the entry is now gone from listing.

im a fan off Ui that will show you what option you have decided, so you can visible read it b4 you apply it. (Same as CCAV Apps in Sandbox)

So if i have selected specific location, Re-store should move file to newly selected location? i.e. it gets preference.

your way will ofc work.

But i think that way CCAV Apps in Sandbox is a good way how to tell the novie user whats gona happen, they can visible check what they decided and they can edit it if they made the wrong choice b4 they apply.
Instead of it being “live”, they have to know what are gone happend b4 they do it, and they cant “visible see” what are gona happen.

forget pic

Hm, i gues you could have so that when you select a file and click on Restore, the location will show up at Assigned Location, then you apply, if you dont change your mind and want it at Download or Desktop location instead, then you just click on Movie to specific folder/location and click on apply once you are finish.

Otherwise i looks good, will try it once the beta is out.

Anyone else having input on it?

A very good thing to add. I can’t say I’d use the function that much, but when I would need to, the options as outlined could be a life saver and very very useful

This is just not confined to CCAV, but will be added to CIS as well.

So more ideas welcome, specially the alert approach.

Are there better ways?