Allow ping request

I dont know how to do this. In older versions it seemed to be a little more straight forward, but I am having difficulty becoming pingable. Apparently the default allows ping requests, but when I run the ping test application on PC Pitstop or any other similar site, I get no readings. I tried following the guide in the help section to no avail.

Help please.


Why do you need to be ‘pingable’? FYI if your behind a router any test you run is testing the router not Comodo.

Is that a rhetorical question? There is no special reason other than I want to know how to configure the firewall to allow ping requests to measure ping times.

I have a RG

Add a global rule to allow ping requests as the following Action=Allow,Protocol=ICMP,Source Address=Any,Destination Address=Any, ICMP Details: Type=ICMPv4,Message=ICMP Echo Request. Make sure this rule is listed above all other rules.

Is that a rhetorical question? Pinging out works by default. What do you gain by measuring ping from the outside from a source not under your control?

You pinging outside source vs. outside source pinging you would have the same latency. All you doing is losing some anonymity/security.

May be sreaction is running a server type of application from his pc that he wants visible on the web.

Then wouldn’t the server process be handling the communication requests rather then opening the entire protocol? You know that whole stateful thingy?

I tried this previously (as per the instructions in the help section) and I am still not getting any readings from the test site/ping test on pcpitstop

Ill try again and see it it works.

@ Future Tech: I followed that protocol and still not able to get the tool/ping test to work. I can just ping the websites they use to get the values, but that’s cumbersome.

OK, problem solved. I figured out how to run the test without adding a security rule. Turns out it wasnt Comodo blocking it. It was IE. I ran IE as admin and I am able to get results. Thanks for the input.

Thank you for reporting back. :slight_smile: