Allow loopback globally

I have some programs that require connections from localhost to localhost. And I don’t want to create a specific rule for each application, so I tried setting a global rule to allow loopback access.

The rule says

Allow TCP/UDP in/out from [loopback zone] to [loopback zone] if source port is any and remote port is any.

[loopback zone] is a predifined zone

But I still get a warning if any local application tries to connect to

I remebered once having had a similar problem, where the local application had my LAN IP as source ip. So I added another global rule that allowed all connections from to [loopback zone].

Still not working…

Do you have the log of such failed authorizations?

Are you sure that your local applications do not require some other protocol (e.g., ICMP)?

I presume you running the Firewall in Custom Policy Mode, very few applications ask for this.

If you want to make one single rule in applications rules.

Click add / select / file groups / all applications

Make one rule and it will cover all applications.