Allow HTML Links- Javascript? in IE7 and Opera

I have comodo firewall pro installed on Windows Xp sp3 system.

I want to be able to allow HTML links to be usable in the browsers. Currently all webpage links(that is links within a page are not usable).

This means I cannot access internet banking which has a link to a secure page, or in gmail for example links to forum topic replies no longer function.

I am not sure if I phrased my initial post well. A better term for what I am asking is possibly “Embedded LInks”. So how can I enable embedded links in web pages and email(gmail for example). I mainly use Opera but also use IE7 for some sites.

If I turn comodo off then the sites links and gmail links are again accessible so it is my assumption that it is a setting in comodo that would enable/disable this option.

I can confirm that windows firewall is disabled.

Or ist is javascript which it is having trouble with.