Allow boxed apps to access clipboard will break CFW

On proactive security, with the hips & firewall, set to “do not show popup alerts: block requests” and the container and file rating set to auto-block the unknown and the known malicious and virusscope set to auto-quarantine detections…

The option to allow contained apps to access the clipboard will cause CFW to fail to start on system startup 2 or 3 reboots after enabling the option. The diagnostic tool does nothing. I also have some diagnostic reports to send to you guys.

Windows 10, home, x64, 1903, delaying major updates with avira privacy pal, installing all security-related updates as they’re released. Asus motherboard, intel processor. Anti exploit features in windows 10 all set to “on by default”

which version of firewall are you using? The latest version.

The current beta for testing is 6938 they are trying to fix a lot of the bugs - it might be worth trying.

CFW to fail to start on system startup 2 or 3 reboots after enabling the option
Can you be more specific about this? Do you notice Comodo related processes not running in task manager or do you not see the tray icon in the system notification area?

A few CFW processes run, but the tray icon becomes invisible, widget doesn’t load, clicking on the invisible tray icon does nothing. After several minutes, I get a prompt that comes up asking me to run the diagnostic tool, saying that it failed to load “the agent”

Upon running the diagnostic tool and allowing it to complete, nothing happens. it just says it found some errors but was unable to fix them.

Hi DrAlrek,

Thank you for Reporting.
Could you please check your inbox for PM and provide us the log for further investigations.

Thanks in advance!


Hi DrAlrek,

Thank you for your effort,our developers are investigating the log.


You guys really need to take extra care to properly test every new release before you put it out there.

I have had this option enabled for quit some time now and I don’t have any issues with CIS loading. So I doubt it has anything to do with this option being enabled.