Allow a program to run but not access internet?

I got a message my password was wrong even though I used the one saved in Firefox password section. I followed the prompt and made a new one

How do i allow a program to run but not access internet? when i unblock from firewall is that allow internet access. I have a program in a folder all the foder is blocked from internet. But it won’t work when the firewall is on

How do i have it ask if it can run but not online. OK found HIPS rules. Are HIPS rules totally independent of intenet access?

It is a back up for my phone called DR Fone. the exe is adb.exe wondershare. It needs to runs the back up program but seems to be blocked when the firewall is active. Or could it be it will not run unless given net access? I disabled the router/turned off comodo and it worked so it must not need net access

Also if the firewall is disabled but HIPS is enabled does HIPS work

Sounds like you need to allow loopback access so just make an outgoing block rule to block all destination addresses except for localhost. At the destination address tab, select network zone as the type from the drop-down list and choose the loopback zone, then make sure you select the exclude checkbox. HIPS works as long as HIPS is enabled.

Thanks. Loopback is I just discovered that I need to leave it connect on localhost. HIPS comment noted

I have a folder that is blocked from internet but I want exes in it to connect on localhost

Most do but one sub exe that is in a sub folder is being blocked by the firewall

I made c:\program files\my folder allowed to connect out/ TCP/ from and to local host any port

You probably need to leave the source address set to any type and you should look at the firewall logs to see why it is being blocked.

would it not be single ipv4 source address which I have and which runs OK with the firewall off? The logs don’t say why it blocks, only that firewall blocks it,and also one is being blocked by HIPS but there is no HIPS rule for it