all stealth except port 1029 [RESOLVED]

I finally deceded to reinstall v3 again yesterday after encountering networking problems when it was first released.
Network this time connected all by itself :BNC (L)

I later did a port scan with shields up and got all stealth except for port 1029 which was closed. How can I find out what is on that port and how can I stealth it?

Oh… and does anyone know where can i find the firewall logs? :THNK

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I’m sure some moderator will deliver more help to you,but this port should be stealthed also .At shields up they tell u the info about this port,just google it.Here is a useful tool in my opinion(no need to install ,just run it),who will tell you what ports are opened,on your pc.

Does IP in scan’s statistics match to IP of your computer?
If yes, try to run through stealth ports wizard (GUI->firewall) and select the last option (block all incoming…). Then do a scan again.

GUI->firewall->view firewall events

it is now stealth after doing this :BNC am i blocking anythiing i shouldnt be tho :THNK

:THNK now that was blank until i created the stealth ports and in answer to my question above… it is blocking things it shouldnt be (:SAD)

how do i unblock all the incoming again? (:SAD)

Are you sure you want this?
Very important purpose of firewall is to protect you from unwanted incoming connections (:WIN)
In case everything works fine why do you need “unblock all the incoming”?

course im not sure :THNK

im gettiing a lot of blocked connections on utorrent now that i dont want blocked (:SAD)

edit… its also blocking system TCP and windows operatiing system TCP and ICMP ( havent got a clue what these are)

second edit… ok… i created a rule as i did in comodo v2 as follows:-

allow protocol - TCP Direction - In source address - any destination address - any source port - any destination port - port my ut connects on

is this correct? :THNK

Check this tutorial.

thanks for that link… i will save that page for future ref :SMLR

i figure that the windows operatiing system blocks are what used to be system idle process when v3 was first released (:NRD)

I guess you are right: