all settings reset every time CIS gets updated

WHY? after update all my HIPS settings disappear! I use one very bad behaving game, so I force it not to spawn processes with comodo. And now I see that game again spawns that rubbish processes. I look up my comodo HIPS and see ALL my rules disappear! Why WhY WHY??? I thougt to buy comodo pro oneday, now I see it is REALLY BAD idea!

Hi z436410,
May you please provide details as from which version you updated to latest?


How are you updating? Can you check under Configuration if CIS saved the previous configuration. If it is there activate it and reboot when asked.

automatic update to 10.01.6294 erased all my HIPS rules. Of course I did backup in july and restored it now but nevertheless CIS automatic update really does reset all HIPS rules. It’s sad guys. And it’s not for the first time. Almost EACH automatic update does the thing. For example I have process 4. I make rule all allowed for it and exception for run executable all allowed and after every update this rule disappears as others do too. Simply process 4 is the first that says the rules are broken.

Can you confirm it does not make a profile under Configuration that stores your old configuration?

I don’t know how to post an image here so I attached one. NO! No thing stores.

And please look at this one. It’s funny. Comodo is so Comodo.

Thank you. What is the name of the fourth profile? I am wondering if it is a previous profile CIS saved. What happens when you activate it and reboot your computer?

But why resetting the settings is the default way of updating in the first place? How does it help the user to stay safe when his meticulously constructed firewall rules and other settings get silently replaced with default ones? ???