All Servers Returning Update Errors

G’day All,

CWAF plugins on all our cPanel servers have suddenly started returning errors.

  1. Security Engine > Update Config

can not apply configuration, check permissions or mod_security syntax

  1. Protection Wizard > Apply

can not restart httpd, delete domain exclude list

  1. Updating current rule set fails with the following tail in the log…

06/01/20 06:45:20 updater[21380] webserver restart failed (try 1)
06/01/20 06:45:20 updater[21380] update failed, restoring previous rules version
06/01/20 06:45:20 updater[21380] set work directory (/var/cpanel/cwaf/tmp/rules/workdir1)
06/01/20 06:45:20 updater[21380] webserver restart failed (try 2)
06/01/20 06:45:20 updater[21380] webserver restart failed (try 3)
06/01/20 06:45:20 updater[21380] update successful
06/01/20 06:45:20 updater[21380] update process finished!

When we restart Apache outside of CWAF, the restart is normal and successful.

A full uninstall and reinstall from the latest CWAF installer allows the latest rule set to run, but the same errors occur as before.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Best regards,


G’day All,

OK. I see that CWAF is broken as of cPanel 11.84.

Asked and answered. :slight_smile:

Standing by for the fix from the CWAF team.

Best regards,


Did you found the solution ?

I have the same problem :frowning:

The product is dead as a reliable solution for cPanel.

Best regards


which solution you are using now ?

for now available only standalone version of the CWAF plugin.