All processors?

When doing a A.V. scan with C.I.S has it been programmed to use all available processors? As I have a quad core system I wanted to know if it is and if not when is will be.

I Use Quad Core CPU’s Before, It’s good to go…


Yes but it only seems to use one or at best two cores leaving the other two doing nothing now the scanning would be even faster if it used all available cores don’t you think?

Not if it’s disk bound. Check the disk activity light.


My guess is the disk performance, Av scan is not cpu hungry it’s bottled at the disk, you’ll see Disk waits going up at manual scan, my system is almost unusable at the manual scan because of this.

Yep. See my Wish Low and Idle priority options needed for on-demand Scanner.


I Did a +1 on that.

I saw that - thanks! :slight_smile: