All I get is "IDAuthority Credentials are not available for this site"

I seem to have yet another case of the most common problem on this forum:

We just got a new SSL certificate – the straight vanilla version – direct from Comodo (not from a reseller), and upon receipt of an email from Comodo, inviting us to add a trustlogo to our secure site (which doesn’t have any pages intended for general public consumption yet), I built up 3 simple test pages:

to test the trustlogo code provided by Comodo, at the links given in the email, and to provide a model for our web development team working on secure pages that are intended for general public consumption.

If for any reason they go down (they just did for several minutes, because our root context directory was being purged and rebuilt), I’ve backed them up to a second context:

And all I get when I roll over or click the trustmark is “IDAuthority Credentials are not available for this site.” Which seems to me to be worse than no trustmark at all.

Finally opened a ticket. Turned out I’d somehow gotten sent to the wrong trustmark code generator page. Works fine now: