All entries in Defence+ My Own Safe Files list disappeared

After having used CIS (3.8.65951.477) for a few days, noticed the following:

All entries in Defence+ My Own Safe Files list disappeared. Prior to this there were several items in the list, but they all disappeared for an unknown reason (bug?).

Decided to uninstall and then re-install CIS. After the clean install, everything would appear normal again.

However, the following type of entries would appear to drop off the list frequently:

It happens with these three entries in the list. User names and profile names are obfuscated (below):

G:\Documents and Settings\User_Name1\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ixbwyok1.default\FlashGot.exe

G:\Documents and Settings\User_Name2\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\5u1hnnok.default\FlashGot.exe

G:\Documents and Settings\User_Name3\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\tl32tfm1.default\FlashGot.exe

It would appear that CIS loses its integrity keeping these files in My Own Safe Files list.

Subsequently, whenever I launch Mozilla Firefox (3.0.8. FI), CIS puts the files in Proactive Defense’s “file(s) are waiting for your review” list.

I frequently launch FF using the Run As option (with two different user names). (Login into Admin Account on the system, and then use Run As limited user account.)

For one user, I launch FF straight (without the Run As option). It results in the same issue.

Have attempted to add these file names to My Own Safe Files also via Defense+, unluckily without much success. (Sometimes they appear to stay there a while, and then drop off the list of My Own Safe Files again and again.)

Is this a known issue?

Firewall Safe Mode
Defense+ Clean PC Mode

WXP SP2 32 bit + all Hotfixes
Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2009 (
WinPatrol [PLUS] 16.0.2009.0 (FI)

Have a standard, optional configuration of WXP SP2, where:

  • System and [application] programs reside on drive D
  • Only the Documents and Settings directory reside on drive G
  • Only Windows Page (Swap) file resides on drive C

Thanks in advance for prompt response.