ALL Email Deleted!

I’m so upset I cannot even described in words!

Internet Security Premium.
Product version: 5.5.195786.1383
Virus Signature: 9303

I had received an email yesterday with attachment and Comodo Internet Security identified a treat in the attachment and recommended a “Removal” of that item (not quarantine) and I followed as recommended.
After it finished, I went to my email folder and the folder was EMPTY!
Every email was gone! Deleted / wiped out every email! ALL My Emails were deleted!
The entire email folder is Empty!

Comodo Internet Security did not just delete the 1 infected attachment, but it DELETED EVERY EMAIL! I’ve lost ALL my emails!
I have tried to restore but I can’t find anywhere to restore the email box to its previous state before Comodo deleted all my emails.
HOW do I restore back to before! How do I recover ALL my Emails???
What do I do???

Does it show up in Quarantined Items?

What email client are you using?

this is normal for all AV’s for people who use thunderbird. Thunderbird stores all e-mails in one file and if something is found the av can only delete that file and all e-mails will go with it. Nothing can really be done by comodo, the e-mail client needs to store the e-mails individually so that if you get a virus it can delete just that file.

That may be true but I am using Outlook which also stores everything in one file too. I have never had an AV alerting me about a virus in outlook.pst. However, I do know not to have outlook.pst erased but not all users may have this knowledge.

This experience is worth a wish to change the AV behaviour when it finds a virus in a known mail archive file to give a warning there is one but NOT to erase the archive file tell the user to delete the virus mail in the program its self…