All Application rule and Global Rules

Or you can create one rule All Applications and place it at the top of the list.

Please note if you wish to use Global rules to block, it is best to create incoming and outgoing rules.

And that won’t get bumped down whenever a new application is added through an alert?

Edit: However that is off-topic so lets stop or continue via PM. :P0l

Other idea split them :slight_smile:

Yes if you add new ones it will.

Either you finish all your needed rules then add it or make sure you move it each time.

Or may a wish to add new rules to the bottom, if I remember correctly this did happen in the past :slight_smile:


I don’t really care enough to make a wish, besides, in my opinion it should be placed at the top.

Personally I think Global rules should have priority and then application rules should have a “Override global rules” option for each rule. That would make it easier to configure the firewall with the least amount of rules however it would break older rules so no use even making a wish for it since it wouldn’t be implemented, besides it would make the firewall have to work more, instead of scanning through until it finds the first rule that deals with the traffic, it needs to scan all rules… So meh.