All Application Firewall Rules disappear

Periodically all the firewall application rules are deleted. Fortunatly I have the rules exported so reapplying them is easy. I also note that the application periodically hangs and I have to reboot. It is on one of those reboots that the rules disappear. Thinking that maybe alware is doing this I have done complete scans for malware using a Comodo and other ant-virus scanners and none turn up any malware.

Do you have create rules for safe applications enabled under firewall and/or HIPS settings?

No, I do not have create rules for safe apps checked. I am using custom ruleset and all the rules were setup by me manually or in response to alerts where I check the remember response box. HIPS is disabled.

What do yo mean by application hang? Is the application rules window open that hangs or the main UI? How many application rules do you have listed? The rules are saved in the registry so if you have any registry cleaners make sure they don’t touch comodo keys.

By saying the application hangs, all programs trying the access the internet stop. I cannot open the Comodo UI or, if it is open, I cannot click on anything in the UI. I cannot even minimize it. I cannot even shutdown or restart windows. If I disconnect from my WiFi after a short time everything clears up.

I do have a lot of rules. I do not let anything connect to the internet without a specific rule allowing it. At the bottom of all my rules I have a ask rule for all executables so if any new program requires access I am asked.

I have no registry cleaners.

It’s often the case that some program which no one here know of causes problems.
Perhaps you have a false rule for a file which is important for windows.

Please check with Comodo Internet Security v11.0.0.6644 - BETA.