Alerts steal cursor/mouse focus - how to not have alerts insist on focus?

CIS Premium Windows 8.1
Whenever an alert pops up, it steals focus from wherever the cursor or the mouse are - is there any way to have alerts NOT become the foreground focus when they pop up? It’s a nuisance when one is in the middle of typing something, and all of a sudden the typing is interrupted when an alert pops up :wink:



In our to-do list.
It has been handled in Comodo Cloud Antivirus, we will do the same in CIS as well.


Thank you for the swift reply. How would one find out if and when that’s sorted?


Release notes will mention that improvement.

Copy and thanks!

Its been 2 years since this post.
Has there been any progress on installing an option to disable focus stealing ?
This is really very annoying, especially e.g. in the middle of typing longer passwords and Comodo stealing focus forcing me to retype everything.
Probably the most annoying feature in Comodo.
Please finally add this option in settings !

Agreed with Gemikro - it’s my major single top complaint about the great comodo internet security program!

Nothing against the current developers, but I miss my boy UMesh! </3

Umesh et al - since it appears this has been an issue for over two years - is there any ETA of when this might be addressed?

Thanks so much!


only proper workaround is tick all " Do not show Popup Alerts " boxes :-TD


Hi insession,

We are aware of this and reported to the related team. will update you.