Alerts slow to respond to selected action (?)

Hi all

My first posting as this firewall has been great for me
but this niggly little problem(?) finally wore me down.
I’ve searched everywhere for an answer but no
luck so here we go.

Whenever I select an action (allow/deny) in an alert
window, it takes ages (well up to 30+secs sometimes) to
action it and for the window to disappear. This prevents
the required program/process from continuing
until the window clears leading to much frustration.
Is this normal?
I would expect it to action it as soon as I click the relevant
button. Am I expecting too much or do I have a problem?
Any help greatfully received.


Comodo Version
Broadband connection
Windows XP SP2
Access: Admin & User
Avast/Cyberhawk/Spyware Terminator/K9 web protection/Various others run on demand