Alerts disappear

When these alerts pop up and then disappear after a few seconds, and I don’t get a chance to click on anything, what does Comodo do? Obviously it would have to make some sort of decision as to allowing or blocking or…?

And if it (or me, for that matter) makes a mistake and I later want to change a block or allow or a sandbox, is it possible to do this…if so, where and how?

If these are the normal sized alerts (as opposed to the smaller sandboxed notifications), then these are where CIS has beaten you to it! Basically, CIS has performed an on-line check of… whatever it is… and decided that it is perfectly safe (just as if it was recognised and white listed in the first place).

They caught me out the first time I encountered them as well… they seemed to disappear just before the pointer reached the alert buttons. :smiley: