Alert window redesign + few new features

Ok first please if you could spend a little more time on redesigning the window so that it’s easily and more user friendly. Here is how I imagined it, sorry for the bad picture I did it in paint using copy paste.

So first thing new you see is Trust this application. This will keep comodo firewall for bugging user for every application’s action if the user already trusts it, and this button is always available (not like the current situation).
Another thing is, do the recommended action. This would mean that comodo will already have an idea what to do with the application and only needs user’s one click.

This way you will remove annoying installation/update mode which we need to switch to every time we want to comodo not to bug us for every thing that installer application does.

One more propositions: trusted applications should be save with their full path and comodo should not trust the same application in two different folders, why? because one of the apps can be already infected and if comodo trusts it because it trusts the other not infected app, it will let it trough. One also good thing would be keeping the application modified record and when it’s changed ask again (put this as an option - not as a necessary thing).

Well I hope I explained everything. If you consider this, you can make comodo very very more user friendly. I used the Defense+ example but the concept should be implemented for all types of alerts.

There are a couple problems.

  1. “remember my answer” is in a non-intuitive and non-contextual location.

  2. Your buttons make no allowance for those of us who like to use predefined policies.