Alert Window not showing while shutting the computer down or restarting

Hi !

Sometimes it happens when I restart or shut down my computer I hear the sound of the alert window but cannot see it.

Can you fix this so I can see the window and can click on it ?


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Am I the only one with this problem ?

CIS should not prevent Windows from shutting down so it really isn’t something that can be fixed, also it would be pointless to deal with the alert as the application is being terminated anyways. The alert was most likely coming from System in which the default rule for it was erased, due to having HIPS setting create rules for trusted applications enabled, under certain circumstances all HIPS rules will be deleted when you use that setting. You can re-add the rule by using select from running process and choose System and use the predefined Windows System Application ruleset.

First, thanks to [at]futuretech for your reply !

In my case HIPS setting create rules for trusted applications is not enabled !

Check either HIPS log or alerts log to see what was alerted and blocked.

Don´t know where these log files are.

Don´t know the time when it happened because I didn´t write it down.

There was an alert but I don´t know if something was block or allowed or whatever.

As no developer takes notice of my problem here it seems it is not that important.

Thanks for your help @futuretech !

I just wanted to chime in here that you are not alone with this issue.
I can’t believe no one else has encountered this? I don’t know what causes it the MOMENT you click: Shutdown / Restart… but I can’t find anything after reboot to tell me what I suddenly needed to be alerted to at the precise moment I rebooted my PC? :-\ You are correct in that it only occurs sometimes. ???

View the logsand select alerts from the drop down list to show and filter by date and time to no filter to see all logged events.