alert when shutingdown my computer (version

I don’t know if this is a bug. Every time I shutdown my computer I get an alert showing nothing. Here is a picture of the alert

[attachment deleted by admin]

Try switching to the latest CFP3, and see if the problem still occurs.

Damn! :o thats the exact samething that was happening to me since i reinstalled a week ago, but it was impossible to get a screenshot of it.

just today it seems it might have stopped popping up that weird firewall alert box during shutdown of winxp. for no reason i could phadom cfp crashed today and popped up a bug report box saying there was a bug in the firewall, after that i clicked diagnostics for the sake of it, aterwards i rebooted twice and never got that weird pop up alert.

4 - 5 reboots and i wasn’t getting that alert like you attached during windows shutting down. i installed Spyblaster and went to reboot and that blank firewall pop up alert is back :-\

my only guess can be it must be a bug in the firewall. just like that comodo error report window said it was.

i have no idea much about it, but its reassuring to know i ain’t the only 1 whose been getting that weird alert boxes, so atleast i know its nothing to worry about and nothing funny is going on or has been compromised

one thing you could try is shutting down the firewall then opening it from its icon on the desktop or wherever you have the shortcut for it placed. that might sort it out, because I think it did for me earlier today, so I will try that and see if that sorts it out even if its temporary