Alert User When A Program Tries To Change Browser Settings [M1329]

1. What actually happened or you saw:
Currently any programs which are trusted by CIS are allowed to change the home page of the browser without any alerts from CIS. For example, when Skype updates it has a pre-selected option to change the browser homepage or search engine to something like Google. Sometimes users, such as myself, accidentally click on next without seeing this, leading to the homepage, and search engine, being changed without the user consciously allowing it.

2. What you wanted to happen or see:
If a program tries to change the default browser settings, browser home page, or search engine (website) CIS should alert the user and ask if they want to allow or deny these changes. This protection should extend to all other programs, including those in the CIS Trusted Files List or Trusted Vendors List.

3. Why you think it is desirable:
This sort of issue (browser homepage being changed, search engine being changed, etc…) is very bothersome to many users because these days a very large number of programs do this, and many users accidentally allow these changes, even if they didn’t mean to. Thus, protection of this sort would benefit a large majority of CIS users.

4. Any other information:
In addition to just providing a popup which allowed the user to choose whether to allow or deny the change, perhaps it would also be helpful to add an option to the settings where the user could choose to just have CIS automatically block these changes without requiring user interaction. However, if added this option should be unselected by default.

I agree, through also be nice if there was an option to block as well, so could tell CIS to automatically block any changes without getting an alert, maybe you should add this to the wish list :slight_smile:

Thank, program as Skype when they update try to let user change default browser home page and search website and if user don’t look weel this will change browser settings so is not nice. I know other antivirus and security program who ask permission to alow program to do that.

I think it would be good if you could create a wish for this, a mod has already moved your thread to the wish list part of the forum, so it would be a good idea to fill out a wish request by editing your first post to reflect your wish, the format of the wish can be found here Comodo Forum :slight_smile:

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Thank you for your suggestion!
DOne, i hope is good, my english is not deep, some errors possbile.

peopleinside, thank you for submitting this Wish Request. Do you mind if I edit your first post to make some changes to the wording? I think this is a very good idea.


Do it :slight_smile: thanks for asking

Thank you. I have made some changes to the first post, and altered the title. Please let me know what you think.

More complete now and engliash correct, thanks. It’s better. Thanks again for the interest.

Thank you. I have added a poll. Does the wording seem correct to you?

PM reminder sent.

Yes thanks, voted.

Thank you for submitting this Wish Request. I have now moved this to the WAITING AREA.

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Very good idea!
I voted yes!

Voted. :-TU

Thank you!

Thank you for voting. What do you think, yes or not? We can know?
I have see a vote is no, will be interesting if user share his ideas here :slight_smile:

I hope you like this.

Great Idea!
Votes yes!

I would like to thank everyone who has voted on this particular enhancement. As this wish has accumulated the necessary 15 points I have added this to the tracker for consideration by the devs. However, do note that even though this wish will be considered by the devs, it does not necessarily mean that it will be implemented. I will update this topic when I have any additional information.

Thank you.

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