Alert To New Outbound Connections (Even By Trusted Programs)

Hi folks. I’m new to Comodo and installed it earlier this evening to test it on my XP Pro SP3 system.

Over the past few years I’ve been using both Online Armor and PrivateFirewall and I’ve always wanted to try Comodo’s firewall.

I’ve installed it and set it up via the great instructions provided by Chiron in his tutorial on

What I am wondering how to accomplish is (similar to both OA and PF) to have the firewall alert to any “new outbound connections” even if the program is “trusted”. Both OA and PF have a box in their settings that can be selected or deselected for this very purpose. Is there a simple way of accomplishing this within Comodo while leaving the rest of the steps in place from the tutorial?

If so, can you please provide me with the steps to accomplish this?

Many thanks in advance.

On firewall tab go to Firewall Behaviour Settings, change Firewall Security Level to Custom Policy, also check Create rules for safe applications there. On Alert settings tab you can choose how often firewall will bother you (when there’s either TCP or UDP connection, when there’s TCP and UDP connection (1 alert for each) for every port, for every adress etc).

Thank you, my friend. I think that should do it.

I just don’t care for (even trusted) programs to be allowed access to the internet without my say so.