Alert - SSL Certificates for 419 scam banks

We are once again seeing a spate of 419 scams abusing SSL certificates. The latest example is abusing a Comodo certificate.

Not only is this “bank” fictitious and fraudulently trying to deceive internet users, the designer has stolen images of real people as the supposed directors: (use Google Image Search).

Unfortunately the registrar delegated this to the reseller who is now playing games despite their contractual obligations under ICANN etc and having received clear evidence of fraud and fake whois linked to this and two other domains. As such this is going to be a long haul, perhaps even to the FTC. But in the interim we require relief to protect the ordinary internet user. Many users do not understand the difference between an EV certificate and a normal SSL certificate. If their browser shows a padlock, they are happy, yet in reality potential targets to actors abusing SSL certificates like here (I know - education, but many times too late).

Please revoke this certificate and carefully check any other certificates that may be linked to this party for similar abuse.


Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have revoked the certificate in question. For future reference, please send reports of this type to