Alert on shutdown about System??? Can't respond to it.

My W7 PC has developed an issue whereby on restart or shutdown CIS gives a warning, but it disappears too quickly to respond to. What is happening (from the D+ logs) is that “System could not be recognized and it is about to modify the contents of C:\Windows\system32\WDI\LogFiles\ShutdownCKCL.etl. You must make sure System is a safe…”. WDI is the Windows Diagnostics Interface.

This might be related to a new Windows update I installed, but in any case why does CIS not allow “System” to work? How to I interrupt the Restart process to get-at CIS’ dialog to permit this operation?

You should check to see if a HIPS rule is listed for Windows System Applications if not add a new rule and select Windows System Applications file group and select use ruleset windows system application.

Wow futuretech it seems you nailed it–I had no such rule and asserted one and the issue is gone.

Many, many thanks, I would never have been able to find this on my own!!!