Alert on screen time

“Keep an alert on screen for maximum (n) seconds - Determines how long Comodo Internet Security shows a Defense+ alert without any user intervention. By default, the timeout is set at 120 seconds. You may adjust this setting to your own preference (Default = 120 seconds).”

This parameter cannot be set to longer than 999 seconds. Long ago, I asked for more flexibility in this parameter and yet years later, nothing has been done.

The issue is that 120 seconds or even 999 seconds is not long enough for an alert to remain on screen. If I have a process running while I am sleeping and it is the first time that it is running, then if an alert is displayed when I am not at the computer and then disappears after 120 seconds, I may not know that the process did not run successfully (because the alert was not answered).

OTOH, if the alert stays on screen until I get back to the computer, then the process can be made to run successfully.