Alert again and again for .NET Framework

Hi guys.
I was out of commission for awhile because my ISP was not able to diagnose a malfunction modem. When I got back my connection, I decided it was time to redo my PC and install everything back new. I noticed when doing MS update that Microsoft .NET Framework V.2, 3, and 3.5 was a one service pack compilation instead of the usual each install, however I did not think of anything bad since it was MS that was doing the update. Also I found that CIS had a new version 3.12.xxxxx.560 so I installed it and imported my “Proactive Security configuration” I had saved. BTW I also added the new “Windows sockets Interface” file to “My Protected Files”.
This is my problem, every time my PC is idling, Microsoft .NET Framework V2.0.50727 (mscorsvw.exe) wants to access or change or do something to a file, so an alert will come up. Since I am not usually there to answer it, the alert will go away. Since the default is to deny the alert, my PC Event Viewer gets this bunch of errors because .NET could not do what it was supposed to do. I already have mscorsvw.exe in my “Computer Security Policy” but its policy is to ask permission for everything and mscorsvw.exe is always changing the name of the file. I know I can change that permit to allow in “Files”, SEE ATTACHMENTS, but how would it affect my security? Another thing, why is this happening now? I had M.NET F 1, 2, 3, 3.5 before and mscorsvw.exe never bothered before. BTW I have .NET because some programs need it not because I use it.

Thank you

Windows XP 32 bit. CIS 3.12, firewall in custom mode and D+ in paranoid mode.

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It has come out after the latest Microsoft Windows Update of last Tuesday.
I solved it setting mscorsvw.exe as Installer/Updater and “Remember my answer” :-TU

Hi hullboy.
Thank you for a pront answer. I will try it. However, would it not be better just to give permission just to files? in custom access rights.

Here’s an explanation of what mscorsvw.exe is doing that I previously gave to another member…

Clearly any Windows Updates involving .NET is likely to result in the execution of mscorsvw.exe. I hope that helps as to the “why”.

Hi kail.

Thank you so much. I already had read what it does. I thought I had it before and it did not bothered me, however, according to hullboy mscorsvw.exe is an addition to .NET done this past Microsoft update. On the other hand, since it will come out to do its thing at any time, what would you advice to do to avoid the errors in the event viewer.

Thank again.

I wonder too what is the best Policy to set for mscorsvw.exe (Installer/Updater is only a “last resource” that I set to solve the behaviour that iroc9555 pointed out) ???

It should only appear once after reboot after the update it did this on my Vista computer.
Just answer all alerts about 10/15

Checked the service it is set at manual so I presume the update starts it on reboot.


Not really, it’s been around for quite some time. But, MS’s recent patch Tuesday (with its .NET Service Packs) would have certainly prompted it into action (as described above).

Hi Dennis2.

Not really. In my XP it initiates for a few seconds and then stops every 15 or 20 minutes when the PC is at idle and always modifies o creates a a new file, pronting an alert (See events in attachments). It is set at manual in Services. Right now I have allowed files to be modified and the alerts and events have stopped. Now, I do not know how safe it is to allow this files to be modified without supervision.

Hi Kail.

I was wondering that if it is new how come I had it in my save configuration and also how come I found articles about mscorsvw.exe from 2005. thank you again.

Hi Dennis2.

You were right. After the last 7 or 8 alerts I could not answer ( event viewer errors ) because I was not at home, they just reappeared, plus the 5 or 6 after the MS update that makes about a dozen. So I am happy to say that I have not had any more mscorsvw.exe alerts.

Thank you for the feedback.