Alcohol 120% prevents CFP 2.4 from Loading

I installed Alcohol 120% v1.9.6.4719 today and realize it must a driver confict, something to do with sptd.sys. This probably explains why some users have those 4 monitors disabled when CFP first loads. I’ve confirmed this because after uninstalling Alcohol and reboot, all is back to normal.

I have both Alcohol120% 1.9.6 Build 4719 and CFP loaded without a problem. I even have a disc mounted in Alcohol on a virtual drive that remounts with reboot.

Then it must be something on my system :o :(.

Luckily, I don’t need that program :). I know Daemon Tools once had similar driver conflicts, but that program works fine for me.

For the record, sptd.sys is part of both Alcohol and Daemon Tools so to hear one works and the other doesn’t is quite odd indeed ???. Unless someone disects your comp, won’t know what’s wrong though.

Thanks. I don’t think anyone has the time or desire to dissect my computer, not even me as I’ve already done that for so many years ;D. …or, it could be a one-time fluke as others have reported where it only happens once. I don’t recall if I had rebooted after I installed A120 to check the CFP status out. I could’ve also installed in safe mode to see what happens.