AIM Not Working With Comodo

Hello all,

I installed Comodo last night and have been impressed so far. I have one issue though, when I try to start AOL instant messenger it will act like the program is going to run for a split second, but then it’s like the process will be terminated when the program window opens. From what I can tell I have went over every option available on Comodo to let AIM have access and there’s got to be something that I am doing wrong. Comodo says that the program has full access…why is it terminating it then?

Look at your logs and see what is being blocked.

That’s the thing…it’s not showing up on the logs as if it isn’t being blocked. Maybe it’s not Comodo but the program has done something to not allow AIM access as I didn’t have Comodo before last night when I was able to run AIM. Thanks for your help…


Try to remove all AIM entries from firewall’s settings. Launch AIM again. Does it crash? Or does it trigger alerts from CFP this time?