Ahoj RejZoR

Ahoj RejZoR :slight_smile:

Ako sa mas ?

Ya som Rednose z Holandska. Chcem sa ta nieco opytat. Aky firewall normalne pouzivas ?

Greetz, Red.

( Nehovor na mna Slovensky, ja viem iba tot o :wink: )

To the Mods : The Nose goes International here, and is trying to make friends, so don’t even dare …

si senor ;D

I wish these type of conversions would take place in an international board… :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, aub Rednose, doe dit in het juiste board daarvoor :slight_smile:


:frowning: >:( >:( >:( (:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY) (:AGY)

You no spek englisk?

me no speek engliss, only nederlands ;D


That’s Spanish you idiot :stuck_out_tongue:

oh right,whatever, teehee ;D



Ach Ihr seid doch alle doof :slight_smile:

German :-\ At least Geografical closer than English, Spanish or Dutch ;D

Greetz, Red.

Astalavista est un moteur de recherche consacré principalement à la sécurité informatique. :-TU

found it on google

what is this topic about anyway? ??? making friends? i don’t remember you’re talking indonesia to me 88)

ja sa mam dobre a pouzivam comodo teraz
a ty pouzivas aky firewall? :smiley:

P.S.:slovencina je krasny jazyk, mal by si sa ho naucit :smiley:

Que no entenc res del que hi poseu ;D

Send this topic to ganda’s garbage dump! 88)

gday :wink:

hmmmmm, I’m not familiar with that language. ;D

I think it’s aboriginee-speak for “Hello, how are you?” ;D

ohhhh. i knew that. ;D

Who said I wanne be friends with you :o

Greetz, Red.