Agree need ISO download link instead because...

I was able to do this, but you need to just download WAIK and have to burn that to a CD/DVD or go to windows Admin tools and setup a virtual drive to put the WAIK onto, and installi the WAIK. But nothing works until you do. Comodo by itself does not go that step. Instead it launches the browser to take to the microsoft spot to get WAIK from microsoft but skips over allowing to mount it to a virtual drive so that you can install WAIK to allow you to then create the rescue media.

The competition does get that step right.

As all are saying here, why make it so hard, and force the user to even have to deal with WAIK at all.
Just give them a pathway into a server that will allow downloading the ISO since it is going to work for most.

The current working of WAIK also is Windows 7 platform, so you are in a world where the ADK for windows 8-10 has not even been looked at.

I chose it to make an ISO rather than even do the burning process, because there are so many other software for free than can handle burning a CD as well as taking the ISO to USB flash drive, and so on. Among the entirely best is to use Power ISO but you need to pay register for that. However for the home user, use of just the free isotousb program, or CD BurnerXP or Imageburn and so many other tools, that are out there to choose from.

But it does actually work with a lot of trial error.

Just take my advice, get to the WAIK and download that, and either burn it to a CD/DVD or mount the ISO and install before even trying to get Comodo to create the rescue media and/or ISO.
Once created also would the user even want the WAIK left on their system? For average user NO. So you end up having to uninstall the WAIK after your all done.

Just too much work, for what Comodo can provide a link to just download from within the program and burn it.

However for my case, comes the fact that I created it and it has flaws, mainly that it does not display right so you cannot even use it.
The resolution of the launched Comodo program appears out of the working WinPE itself. So that left me with a restore media that wont even work.

I consider Nvidia not to be an odd card, since most other WinPE tools I use are all fine.