"Agent: Trojan" detected by Exterminate it! - Game CD infected?

So yeah. Did a check with extermiante it. Over 10 backdoor things in HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID.
Different names each time. They do not (most liekly) come from the webpages that i surf. But they seem to pop up every time i put my Evil Genius game CD-Rom inside my comp. So, could it be that my game is infected? That the CD carries a small backdoor program inside, which isntalls itself on the computer everytime i insert that CD in there?
Can i cleanse it, or do i have to pay 10 euros to Steam to get another copy of the game. Not a big loss though. The CD is all scratched and does not work properly. Lagging, Game crash, stuff like that.

So far it seems that i can get the backdoor away from my system just by deleting the registry folders that exterminate it finds.

Opinions and thoughts?

Edit: Also, Extermiante it finds tracking cookies by the name of “atdmt”. Don’t have the slightest idea where they come from.

With extermiant, I hope you’re talking about exterminate-it ?

Well, I can’t be sure until I get some more info of course.

  • what are the pads of the reg keys ?
  • what is XT-it reporting ? (name of the malware)
  • what game are we talking about
  • have you tried a second opinion of other scanners ? Avira, Comodo, A-squared, etc…
  • can you post a hijackthislog ?

best regards,