Agent Installer in Mac OS X - Server Host Resolution for every key pressed

  1. A description of the error
    For every character that you type in the server host input, at the CESM Agent Installer window, the installer tries to resolve the host (again, for every key pressed in the keyboard) forcing the user to wait an unusual period of time while the installer tries to resolve the host for every key pressed.

  2. OS version of ESM server and Endpoints
    ESM Server: Windows 7 Professional
    Endpoint: Mac OS X 10.6.8

  3. FULL ESM and Agent version e.g.'ESM 3.0.51109.1’.
    ESM Version: 3.0.51212.1
    Agent Version: for Mac OS (dont have the version)

  4. Licensing information (license type, number of endpoints, special conditions)
    License: Beta
    Endpoints: 0 (10 available)
    Special Conditions: none

  5. Network layout if applicable i.e. IP addressing, server and agent location (single VLAN, Inter-VLAN connectivity, real/private/mixed network environment)
    Single LAN

  6. Precise and clear steps of the bug reproduction
    Click on file MacAgentSetup.dmg > Click on CESM Agent file > Accept Agreement > Type in the server host.

  7. Special conditions i.e. other AV/security software, firewall settings etc.

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Greetings w-e-v,

Thank you for this nice and juicy bug! We’ve documented it and our developers will fix it according to schedule.

Best regards,

Denis Mikhaylenko