Age of Empires 2 + firewall

Hi there guys

I’ve recently installed age of empires 2, good old times, to play online.

When I open it (like all other programs), a firewall window appears on my right corner of the screen to allow or block it (like all the problems). The problem with age of empires 2 is that as soon as it opens the game (instantly), it doesnt allow me to click allow or block.

Also, everytime the game loads anything(black screen), the window appear in the corner, but cant interact with it.

Is there a way to fix it ?


add the game in the firewall. CIS → firewall → Network security → Add → 1) add the exe file 2) → use predefined policy → web browser

Sorry for the late answer. But when I open the game, the mini window on the right corner stills opens to ask me to allow or block :S

can you then accept it? If you can’t than press crtl+Shift+Esc and then try to press allow