After upgrade Windows 8 CIS error Firewall\ NO updates av db

I upgraded to Win 8 and now on first boot CIS geves me the error to run Diagnostics but Diagnostics tell me nothing is wrong. I have a Yellow shield did run all updates.

I cant run the Virus db update.

Version: 5.12.256249.2599
Virus DB = 0

See all att.

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You didn’t update while CIS was installed, did you? I can’t imagine that swapping the OS kernel that CIS is hooked into would go over very well.

If that is what you did, try reinstalling CIS and see if that helps.

you are right, reinstall did the trick. Never the les I returned to Win7. For some reason Ms update win 8 does not work.

Everything works fine in windows windows 8 with cis 5. What’s a nice trick is buy a cheap 2nd hard drive and clone your existing drive to the 2nd drive with Acronis True Image home 2013. Acronis is awesome.
so that way once it’s configured nicely you can clone it.
so then you install cis 6 and change setting and run windows update and it get’s all messed up you shutdown and switch the sata cable back to the original drive and you are backup.