After updating to 77.0.3865.120, CD no longer bypasses OpenDNS block

I’ve been using CD for half a year to bypass my work’s OpenDNS block,
After CD auto-updated to 77, the Comodo Secure DNS seem to have no effect and sites are getting blocked based on the OpenDNS rules…
Has anyone encountered this?..

Hello xvitph . We tested and did not encounter the issue. You can try fresh install of the 77 version (You can download it from ) with “I would like to use COMODO SecureDNS Servers (with all applications)” to see if the problem persists. Another thing you can try is install the browser in portable mode with the same settings. Please let us know the result.

I installed an older version of CD and the issue occurs there as well (as well as tried a 77 fresh installation in portable mode), seems like the CD update was not the issue. The company upped the security in some way, which only became apparent after the CD update, not sure why, but fact is this is not CD related…

Thanks :slight_smile:

Can u confirm that ur internet protocol Version 4 TCP/IP V4 has the folowong changes

At the OS level? it wouldn’t, as I’ve chosen to use Comodo DNS only at the browser level, unless I’m misunderstanding something…

yes, when you select use DNS with all application in the broswer’s set-up this changes, go to control Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center Change adapter settings , select the Ethernet connection you use right click to proprieties, and DoubleClick on the internet protocol version 4, it should be like in the image i have sent you