After unsuccessfully trying to uninstall Comodo firewall network connection lost

Hi, I tried to install Comodo antivirus and it said I needed to first uninstall the old Comodo firewall that I had running, so I tried to uninstall it using the Windows 10 remove Apps dialogue in control panel, but it did not work. ("Comodo Endpoint Security Setup Wizard ended prematurely because of an error…).

Worse still, after the botched uninstall, the computer cannot connect to the network. It says there may be a problem with the network adapter drivers, but I don’t think that is the case. I think it is somethning to do with Comodo firewall blocking the network. How do I get rid of Comodo firewall? It seems more trouble than its worth.

PS it is Comodo Firewall version

Right click your Network Adapter > Properties > uncheck the Comodo Firewall Driver

Thanks, that enabled the computer to connect to the network.

Now how do I uninstall Comodo firewall? The uninstall still does not work.

Hi bengtang,
Have you tried running the installer for your currently installed version to see if it can repair the installed version.
If successful, then try to uninstall it.

Kind regards.