After uninstall, all data gone!

I installed CTM in late January.

I uninstalled and rebooted and now almost all of my data from after January 27 is GONE.

This is a terribly dangerous product.

Any ideas on how I can recover my data?

When you unistalled it it some how reverted to that save point. Unless you have some type of other backup performed, you lost your days.

Unfortunately you are now a member of the CTM trashed my computer group. I am the founding member.
I know it’s not funny. I am trying to spread the word to others not to install this dangerous product.
My guess is you had no restore points so it went back to the very first install baseline.

If you chose “restore to Baseline”, which you created when install CTM and did no do others Baselines, it is obvious that you lost all your data after CTM uninstallation. If you wanted to leave your data, you had to chose “to current snapshot” or to some of snapshots on uninstall. It is not a CTM issue, it is functional :).
In case you did something different from what I mentioned, please, provide us more detailed information for reproduction (OS, CTM version, step by step what you did)