After over a year, back to 2.4 again

About a year ago i tried V3 but it drove me nuts with alerts, so i reverted to 2.4.
Then i went ISP-less for a long period. Reconnected, i thought, surely Comodo will have improved 3.0 by now, so i tried it again.
I was wrong. Same old sh*t.
Mosquito storms of alerts, avoidable only by disabling whole section. [And yes i read the forum advice on how to stop it, and none of it worked.] A security section that pesters one so much that one is forced to disable it is no security at all.
Anybody awake at Comodo? FIX THIS!

Did you try ‘Training Mode’.
The popups only last for a few days until D+ learns your apps, then you’ll only see one rarely.

BTW, did you install the latest version thats included in CIS. It supposed to have less alerts and COMODO is working on it to make it even less annoying to the average user. :wink:

COMODO Internet Security is the 3.5 update to version 3.0, You can install the Firewall using the same setup, or the entire Suite. It REALLY improves usability, and there are less pop ups, and as .FaZio93.said, Usability will continue to improve.

See here on how to save you configurations when upgrading from 3.0 to 3.5.



Why there are so many Anti-PopUp posts?!

I so like its! Its are amazing things!

I like Vistas UAC alerts also! Why everybody try to switch it off?

It is great when everything is under control!

Pop Ups do not bother me. Absolutely. Just the opposite!

I like Comodo because of its also.

Same here. Sometimes they can be annoying but I am glad that D+ is doing what it is supposed to do in case any of those alerts are ever serious.

Pop ups make me feel more secure knowing that my security is working like it should. It lets me that my security is doing its job. Its not a nag.

…Sometimes they can be annoying but I am glad…

Yes I agree. It occurs when alerts claim to be closed by “x” but in this case I consider its as security price
Luckily these points were solved by balloon messages.