After last update: COMODO causes Lockdown of Death

An infamous bug I never had but finally got me after the last update. After a while all of a sudden apps will stop responding. If you try to bring up task manager it fails to show up, explorer follows shortly after and pretty soon every window and program is frozen. I uninstalled CFP in hopes of solving the problem. And it did go away. I had CFP from an update last week and up til then it’s never caused me trouble. I did a clean uninstall and I’ll be putting it back on soon as a full install instead of update.

Got Ad-Aware Anniversary Edition?

Yes please post your system details OS/Version/32 or 64bit/Language ?
Any other security software installed (does not matter if it’s real-time or on-demand) ?
Did you change anything on CIS configuration or are you running default config ?

Did you block anything recently ?

System details are all in my signature. Despite running multiple security software, I can at least confirm that removing NOD doesn’t help COMODO fair any better. And this setup has been working for me for over an year. I didn’t block anything, and even with D+ set to disable(not disabled permanently though) it still happens. I did however notice something about the new build: it detected alot of new apps that the previous didn’t. I’m talking about exe files that would randomly pop on or off and D+ never added them to the file list, the new version did.

I think this has to do with the changes made to the “Native Vista” support.
And also Vista x64 is also apparently more strict from what i have noticed on the boards.

This sounds like the crash I get when scanning the whole drive. I have no other security applications. Luckily, if I don’t do a full scan I do not get it.

That is a different problem, would you try the following, use the right mouse click menu scan (or create manual scan profiles) on c:\somefolder and then c:\someother folder to see if we can narrow the crash down to a specific file(s) or folder(s) ? that would help improve the scan engine !

If it crashes you have to restart, and then go in to that folder and try the same thing again for those folders.

Apparently CIS is crashing over specific files, if we can find out on which files it will make it a lot easier to pin-point the problem, i assume you are running CIS 3.8.x.477 ?

Nothing really crashes it simply locks down to the point of no control other than the freedom to move the mouse around.

That’s new for me, total lock ? no response even after 10 minutes or so ? no CTRL-ALT-DEL response also ?
Can you start Vista, Administrative tools, Reliability and Performance Monitor. Before the “lockdown” and see if that gives any clue ?

The files it crashes on are fine if you just scan the directory branch they are in or the whole of program files (which they are under). I think it crashes after scanning a certain number of files and so ends up crashing in a similar place. In my case it stops on an image file but others have reported .sys files.

The crash gave a error message for cmdagent (already reported) so I think it might not the scanner crashing but the scanner triggering the crash. The symptoms of the crash are the same as this thread (everything gradually freezes up) so it might actually be the same problem.

Well if cmdagent “crashed” and i mean really crashed then it should not be visible on the process list also.

That could block stuff because the installation is “crippled” at that point, i would strongly suggest to reboot immediately after the “crash” to prevent strange things…

When it happens to me the only option is the reset switch. You cannot run task manager. It might be possible to see processes in the CIS process list.

An error with cmdagent is logged in the event log.

Can you post the error message here ?

If you start the Administrative tools, Reliability and Performance Monitor before you “create” a freeze can you see anything in it that would suggest, Cpu load, Disk IO, Memory exhaustion, Network IO ?

The details are all in this thread:

It also applies to latest version.

I could in theory but if it’s unannounced by the time I notice the first app freezing up NO OTHER APPS will pop up. I press ctrl shift esc it makes some drive activity but pops nothing up, current apps cannot be terminated when their windows freeze(I press end task and nothing happens), and running apps that do respond freeze up if I ask them to open another app like open Help or show me the dialog to open a file.

I don’t have the antivirus installed. Comodo is still in the taskbar, I can open its window up, it starts populating it then also freezes. Windows Event log says nothing.

Only thing i can think of besides waiting for 3.9.x is trying the Reliability and Performance Monitor before you “create” a freeze can you see anything in it that would suggest, Cpu load, Disk IO, Memory exhaustion, Network IO ?

I can’t because once that happens I become unable to launch new processes, so opening a system monitor is out of the question. :S

You can start it in the background ? and let the other process not be full screen ? before it freezes… that is.

I think taskmgr.exe does start because there’s a lil disk activity and a few seconds busy moyuse cursor typical of new apps launching. But then it just goes silent.

It should look like this, under Administrative Tools.

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