After installing secure DNS comodo assigns Automatic Private IP Address

I installed the free Comodo internet Security just the firewall and secure DNS bad idea internet was fine untill i rebooted the my pc!

it took over control of my dhcp forceed it to assign Automatic Private IP ADDRESS to my wireless controller
now i get no internet but as soon as i uninstall the firewall it comes back!

things I have tryed allready

  1. uninstalling comodo firewall with revo uninstaller so there want be leftover registry entreys
  2. ran registy cleaner (ccleaner and advanced system care)
  3. manualy removed any files in comodo dir
  4. windows system restore

is there anything else I can try i really like the firewall and would like to keep it
when I installed comodo firewall on another pc with out checking secure DNS it work fine so I think the problem is with that! also I can’t find the firewalls log file anyone know where it is stored!
thanks in advance for any help!

Just for clarification. You installed firewall and enabled Secure DNS?

What IP address was handed out? One in the 169 range or in another range?

Try installing the firewall again, then uninstall, reboot and after the reboot use this clean up tool.

Does that change the situation?

It sounds like the firewall driver was still installed after uninstalling. When that is the case you can disable the driver in the Properties of the Network Adapter.