After installing CIS Beta 9 mail "Thunderbird" does not start any more


I have just insttalled CIS Beta 9. But unfortunately “Thunderbird” (mail programm) does not start any longer.

  1. CIS BETA 9. Thunderbird 38.2.0
  2. Win 7 32 bit, no virtual machine
  3. I changed to “Proactive security”
  4. I uninstalled previous version, a new clean installation!
  5. Hitman Pro, Malwarebytes ( not running in the background)
  6. I tried to open “thunderbird” , but it was not possible.
  7. Normally “thunderbird” opens for retrieving my mail.

Is it a bug in CIS 9 beta??

Thanks for helping

If you would read some of the other posts, the version 9 is NOT a beta version! It is an ALPHA which may have considerable problems and is not considered ready for primetime!!

Topic locked.
You are running an unofficial, leaked, copy.
There is no support on this as of yet.
Any damage you do to your system is your own responsibility.